DAVE ACOSTA, Weekday Mornings, 6AM – 10AM

Dave Acosta grew up in Philadelphia, and knew he loved music so much that at the age of 12 he tried to get a job at local radio station. Although he was told by the program director he was too young, Dave did not let that dampen his enthusiasm for music.

In the early 90’s, Dave got his first paying job as a happy hour DJ at local nightclub in Santa Monica. “I would stay after my shift and hang with the main DJ to learn to mix until I was able to fill in for him on his nights off,” recalls Dave.

Dave enrolled in the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Huntington Beach, CA. After graduating, Dave worked at an AM station in Riverside playing a lot of the oldies like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations -- the music he grew up listening to as a young kid in Philadelphia and now plays on Jammin’ 99.5 today..

A few years later, Dave was working in Palm Springs and fell in love with the desert. He worked at area stations until he heard there was a new station playing the music he loves and grew up listening to as a young boy in Philly - Jammin 99.5, which plays the best in Old School. Dave became the morning guy. Dave is also Marker Broadcasting’s Production Director. When he is not playing his favorite Old School artists on the radio, Dave confesses that he enjoys singing their songs at local karaoke bars.

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ANTDOG, Weekdays, 10AM - 3PM

Antdog is almost a local: he was born and raised down the road in San Bernardino. But he’s been in the Desert for eleven years!

He’s a radio old-timer (or is that old-schooler?), having been on the air for more than 17 years. He’s been on the air here in the desert for years! And now Jammin’ 99.5’s got him!

Antdog loves music, loves Old School and R&B. Favorite artists? Tons of them, including Rick James, The Time, Prince, and Cameo!

He’s a huge Oakland Raiders fan, loves spending time with his wife and daughter, and is thrilled to be with Jammin’ 99.5 - Coachella Valley's Old School!

Antdog Middays Monday through Friday on Jammin’ 99.5!

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It's no surpise that Chase Martinez learned to operate a pair of turntables before he learned to drive! Spending a good part of his yout in Long Beach, CA (a city put on the map by rapper Snoop Dogg), Chase moved to the Coachella Valley at the age of 12.
Three years later the fledgling DJ made friends with the DJ and 16-and-older night and would hang out in the DJ booth, becoming fascinated with beat mixing. Growing up in the 80's, Chase was heavy into Old School, Funk and West Coast artists like Zapp & Roger, The Gap Band, Michael Jackson and Dr. Dre.

Chase learned the arts of production and recording, landing in Cathedral City, CA where he continued to perfect the art of producing and recording his own music.

Chase Martinez Monday through Friday Evenings on Jammin’ 99.5!

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ART LABOE'S LOVE ZONE, Weekdays, 9PM - 12Mid

Legendary Art Laboe hosts "Love Zone," Weekday evenings from 9PM until 12midnight. Join Art as he takes your requests, Live, Monday through Friday.

And don't miss Art Laboe's Sunday Special, Sundays, 6pm til midnight.
There's only ONE Art Lebow, and he's only on Jammin' 99.5FM - Coachella Valley's Old School!

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